What If the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis was Real?

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Human beings have always been a curious species. They are always on the quest to seek answers of the unanswered, mysterious, unexplainable and even those which seem to be currently unanswerable by all means. They experiment, explore, study, research, assume and even put forth theories as a means to satisfy their curiosities regarding the Universe. But, of course, the quest of seeking all the answers is not yet completed and it probably won’t be completed, for a long time to come. For, what humans know is only 1% as compared to what still remains unknown, and we don’t know answers to some of the most prominent questions, the significant one being “How did we originate?”

What is the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis?

There have been a lot of theories to answer the question of our origins. The Ancient Astronaut hypothesis is one such theory which claims that “extraterrestrial beings have visited the Earth and made contact with humans in antiquity and prehistoric times” (Source: www.wikipedia.com) Humans are either descendants or the creations of these extraterrestrial intelligent beings or we may have evolved independently but much of our knowledge of religion, culture, science, technology and arts have been gifted to us by the extraterrestrial visitors in ancient times.

What if the Hypothesis was Real?

Though the Ancient Alien Hypothesis has plenty of supporters researching immensely on it and giving their opinions through various books and articles, it is still just a theory which no one has been able to either prove or dismiss completely. Hence, until it is proved, we have to still assume it to be an unreal and hypothetical situation. However, the way we view the whole universe would change greatly if this hypothesis were indeed proven to be true. If the hypothesis were true then:

  1. The Mystery of God Would be Solved
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God is an unseen spiritual Being with superpowers, the Creator and Protector of humans. All religions talk about many gods and their different powers, so if the hypothesis were true, the ancient humans could actually be referring to extraterrestrial beings and their knowledge and powers while talking about gods and their powers in the ancient texts. They were the beings who made use of advanced Science, Technology, Arts, Innovation, which were all then incomprehensible to ancient humans and hence seemed equivalent to powers to them and also provided them with the knowledge of everything which is why the ancient people chose to call them Gods, beings completely different and more powerful than humans. The beings may have had different forms, or may even have been able to take human forms and this is why, perhaps, each religion depicts them in different forms or even similar forms but with slight variations. The believers of God as well as the atheist and agnostic people would have gotten clear answers to their questions about God.

2. World Religions would have been Massively Affected

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Religion, today, has become more of an authority than a way of life. It is being used more to govern, conserve and dictate people rather than liberating them and more to separate people rather than bringing them together to achieve true humanity and greater goals. It is being used as a means to keep people away from true knowledge. Hence, if the hypothesis were true, people would become aware that they are all descendants or creations or students of the same Beings and no more would the authorities be able to control and suppress people in the name of religion and there would only be the existence of one true religion, humanity.

3. Some mysteries would get a possible explanation

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The questions on the perfect, sophisticated and mysteriously advanced creation of the Figures on Easter Island, the Pyramids of Giza, the Stonehenge, the ancient Baghdad electric batteries, the Pumapunku and a lot others would get a possible explanation. In the book, Chariots of the Gods? Erich von Daniken states that such artifacts require more sophisticated technological construction than would have been possible in ancient times and hence, they are either directly created by the extraterrestrial beings themselves, or the humans have received this knowledge from them which they then used in these creations.

4. Phenomena like Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection could get possible explanations

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Dreams and why they occur have always been a topic of interest to research on for humans. The most logical explanation for dreams is that they are random fragments of memory and some imagination pieced together to create a visual experience. However, why exactly they occur and whether or not they have any meaning is a question which still baffles people. Even if dreams were simply a manifestation of our own desires and feelings, then also, there are some phenomena like the feeling of Deja Vu, being able to lucid dream and even move out of the body in the form of a soul to traverse while sleeping, known as astral projection, which would cause us to rethink and question our knowledge about dreams. If the hypothesis were true, then maybe we could consider these as higher abilities gifted to us by the extraterrestrial beings themselves, which we haven’t been able to understand and explore to the highest potential, which can probably be used to even establish contact with them.

5. The Mysterious Architecture and Carvings at Various Places Around the World Could be Decoded

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The Architecture of various places around the world such as Volubilis in Morocco, Chichen-Itza in Mexico, Petra City in Jordan, Ellora Caves in India and many more is fantastic enough to bewilder anyone. However, the architecture and carvings are more than just beautiful and intricate, they are precise and mysterious. They give enough evidence for scientists to believe that the ancient humans had more advanced knowledge than us today. However, most of this valuable information which was noted down by ancient scholars for us to use in the modern times, seems to have been lost. Now, if they are really just lost or hidden somewhere safely from the public eye is another mystery that will require a detailed investigation.

6. The Unimaginable Events could have been Possible

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Alien and UFO sightings are very rare and even dismissed as hoax today, but if the hypothesis were true, then perhaps, it wouldn’t have been uncommon for the ancient astronauts to come visit us, and interact with us. It wouldn’t have been uncommon for us to travel through space and visit other galaxies. It wouldn’t have been uncommon to travel in different dimensions either!

Humans today have made their way to space and are slowly trying to reach other planets. Hence, we cannot rule out the possibility that maybe in the future, we will be able to come face-to-face with the ancient astronauts and learn a lot more about us from them. The intelligence and creativity which was present in our ancestors is still present in us, and we are still capable of reaching their level of knowledge and innovation. Perhaps, after we progress that much, the astronauts would finally decide to reveal themselves to us. Or, they may not. Or, they may be present around us all the time, but we would be able to recognize them, then.

None of the possibilities can be simply dismissed. There is definitely the presence of some Higher Being, whether we call it God, aliens, guardian, spirit, who has created us and given us the whole knowledge about life, universe and our own selves. This knowledge is still present deep within us, but we choose to cloak it under our ignorance, ego, attitude, hatred, greed and a lot more negative and toxic traits. This is why we are being controlled and manipulated easily, for we do not think with our own minds and use our own knowledge present inside, but instead blindly follow other people who dictate us in the name of power, religion and what not.

Even if the question of our origin is answered, there will be many more questions to follow. Who or What created the Higher Being that created us? Why did the Higher Being create us? What was the purpose of creating humanity? Why are things created exactly in the way they are created? Is there a possibility of manipulation and if so, then by whom? Where and how did all of this start and where will it end…..? A lot of questions……The quest to seek all the answers seems to be an unending one.

Every person is entitled to their own religious and spiritual beliefs and this article does not intend to demean anyone’s beliefs. It simply attempts to answer some questions through a different lens. What is your opinion regarding the Ancient Astronauts? Do share your opinions, information, theories and more in the comments.



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