A Beautiful Writing Journey of 6 Days

Tashima Agrawal
3 min readMay 31, 2021


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The decision to start any new journey is always one full of varied emotions like excitement, joy and even nervousness and hesitation. The start of a new journey always means the start of new opportunities, new challenges, new lessons and a lot of growth. I have a lot of interest in writing and a desire to grow and know more about it, and hence when I saw the advertisement for the ‘Content Writing’ Workshop of ContentVidhya, I immediately decided to register for it, thinking it would be a good way to improve myself as well as utilize the free time at hand. After registration, I was looking forward to the 6 days of learning, enjoyment, challenges and productivity.

The Wonderful Journey Full of Lessons

On the first day of the workshop, I was both nervous and excited, thinking what the workshop would be like. Our trainer and mentor was Uma Madhavi, a content writer and blogger with 14+ years of experience in the industry. She began with an introduction of herself and her love for writing and went on to talk about the start of her writing journey despite her being from an IT background. Right from the start of the workshop, she seemed to be very confident about herself and the subject she was talking about. I could sense her knowledge and experience regarding the subject from the way she explained all the concepts and cleared each and every doubt of the participants of the workshop. Nowhere during the 6 days of the workshop did her confidence or patience seem to falter.

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I would look forward to each session of the workshop and the next assignment. I enjoyed all the sessions of the workshop thoroughly. The workshop motivated me to keep writing everyday and learn and practice different types of writing like article writing, copywriting, blog writing, etc. The assignments given each day required a lot of thinking, creativity and hard work on my part. However, though challenging, keeping the newly learned concepts in mind and implementing them in the assignments was enjoyable. It was a creatively satisfying experience. It helped me explore the different aspects of writing and gave me confidence. I noticed the difference in my work after using the concepts taught. Thus, it was a very beautiful journey of self-growth and improvement.

Learn What you Love

I believe the best way to utilize the excess of free time we have currently is to learn something that we have always wanted to. Learning new things makes you feel happy, confident and productive. I feel proud of my decision to attend this workshop and thank ContentVidhya for the amazing 6 days which helped me utilize my time productively, become more confident than ever and have also given me a push to write more and write better everyday and become more serious regarding my career.

Thus, you should also think about joining any workshop or online course of your choice which will prove to be very beneficial for you.



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